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About Us

RS Management Education and Training Services is an ISO 9001-2015 certified, Filipino owned company operating in United Arab Emirates and the Philippines. Below are the services we are offering to our clients: 

1. Training Services 
When Prof. Roque Senga started RSMETS in 2009, he has a specific goal which is “to equip the next generation of Overseas Filipino Workers and Professionals." A decade later, we are still committed to fulfill that goal that is why we have developed competency-based training curriculum that will teach you the “Why, How and What” you need to know to advance your career to the next level. We will provide you with practical, ready to use, direct to point and prescriptive lessons from our experts resource trainers who will be your personal coach and mentor. 
2. Our Education Services:  
2.1 Curriculum Development Services
To support the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) of your educational institution, our team of experts based locally and internationally can provide full competency oriented curriculum that will match to your industry requirements either for online, distance education and face-to-face mode of teachings. 
2.2 Academic Writing Consultancy  
With our extensive industry and experience, we can provide you with academic writing consultancy services such as selecting suitable thesis topics, manuscript editorial, proofreading and statistical analysis in line with your university thesis & dissertation policy manual. 
2.3 Professional Report Writing Consultancy  
As industry experts, we can assist you in the preparation and reviewing the final draft of your professional reports and case studies. 
2.4 International Student Recruitment Agency  
With our university partners locally and abroad, we provide valuable information to parents on critical information such as suitable degree program for their child, university’s ranking, internship programs and job opportunities after graduation. 
3. General Trading: 
As a highly diversified company, RSMETS is also a registered trading company with valid IMPORT and MIRSAL II Codes that will allow us to import and export goods to/from UAE. With these facilities, we can import/export STEM Robotics, educational & training equipments and general merchandize to/from UAE.